Personal Freeway : Graham Dent solo album
An experimental album where I purposely pushed myself into improvisation with an increased level of freedom. Fun!
Graham Dent (keyboard, guitar, sound modules, drum programming)
JazzVibes JV005      2007
Last Orders : Fresco with Roy Forbes
Roy Forbes (vocal), Graham Dent (keyboard, guitar, sound modules),
Ian Hill (saxes), Mike Green (bass), Steve Street (drums)
Produced by Graham Dent
JazzVibes JV004      2005
Sue Kibbey sings live at Pizza on the Park, London
Sue Kibbey (vocal), Graham Dent (piano),
Rob Evans (bass), Alan Gardiner (drums)
KIBBE003         2007
Can't Help Lovin' That Song : Christine Chin
Christine Chin (vocal), Graham Dent (keyboard)
Rob Evans (bass), Steve Street (drums)
GING001             2001
Dark To Light : Steve Tayton Quartet  and the
Rolls-Royce (Coventry) Band
Steve Tayton (saxes), Graham Dent (keyboard)
Steve Kershaw (bass), Steve Harris (drums)
Recorded live at Polesworth Abbey
JazzVives JV003      1999
Neoterique : Andrew Fawcett Quartet
Andrew Fawcett (saxes), Graham Dent (piano)
Adrian Litvinoff (bass), Steve Street (bass)
SHRUCD01         1997

More CDs

No Hurries : Footprints
John Bewick (saxes), John Falloon (trumpet)
Graham Dent (keyboard), Adrian Litvinoff (bass)
Steve Street (drums)
Produced by Tim Whitehead
JazzVibes JV001      1998
Chakra Meditation : Kailash Mistry
Kailash Mistry (voice)
Graham Dent (sitar, keyboard, sound modules)
Mitesh Mistry (tabla)
JazzVibes JV009          2015
Is This Spring? (Dent)
Kailash (Dent)